Why use Wellness programmes for Business?

Work needs to be a ‘win-win’ situation. If employees feel supported and well enough, employers will get more from their workforce in a sustainable way and more readily achieve organisational goals. The opposite also applies. Employee absenteeism, high staff turnover, low morale and motivation, conflict, bullying, sexual harassment and challenging organisational change can impact greatly on company performance. Wellness programmes for business can enhance effective communication among staff, increase staff morale and motivation and can help staff develop healthy coping skills to deal with work life challenges

What Irish Research says

90% of Irish employers say that employee health and wellbeing have a direct effect on productivity. (Aviva Workplace Health Index, AWHI, 2013) 80% of Irish employers feel that workplace health initiatives have many benefits such as attracting and retaining talent, and increasing loyalty. (AWHI, 2013) 80% of Irish employees say they would be more loyal to an employer if they looked after their health. (AWHI, 2013) 76% of Dublin workers feel there is a need for counselling in the workplace. (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, IACP, survey 2013)

The top four health problems experienced in the Irish workplace are stress and anxiety (55%), fatigue (52%), back and neck pain (32%) and colds (32%). (AWHI, 2013). Stress and mental ill health are among the most common causes of work absence.

Services Offered

  • Individual workplace counselling - in a confidential setting addressing key work-related issues.
  • Critical incident support - in the event of suicide, sudden death or violent incident.
  • Mediation on conflict - breakdowns in communication to restore effective dialogue and interpersonal relationships.
  • Stress management training - workshops on managing depression and stress, assertiveness skills and confidence building, and dealing with conflict.
  • Management Support Service: One-to-one supervision for bosses provides a space to reflect on the challenges of one’s work. This can reduce day-to-day stress levels and give greater clarity about company and personal direction.
  • Consultation on policy development regarding staff wellbeing and organisational change.