Ruth Ann Buckley Counselling and Psychotherapy provide you with a warm, non judgmental, empathetic and confidential service in Dublin. 

Ruth Ann provides effective one to one professional counselling & psychotherapy which gives you the opportunity to explore any issues that are impacting on your life. This therapy will help you gain a better understanding of your problems and enable you to find a better way to work through them. The therapy is led by placing great value on each person’s individuality and unique life circumstances. With this in mind great care is taken in tailoring your treatment to suit you and only you. 

What this distinctive relationship fosters is the creation of a space for you to talk about your suffering, and allow you to re-shape it. Your therapist’s educational background and training covered many modalities including, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Humanistic, Integrative, Psychodynamic and Person Centred therapies, and this training and qualification enables your therapist to suit the work around you. We offer psychotherapy and counselling across two clinics in Glasnevin and Drumcondra. 



Counselling & Psychotherapy

People can run in to psychological difficulty for many reasons. Familial, financial, sexual, and relationship issues can play a big part in this but the possibilities are almost endless.....

Couples Counselling

Couples and relationships are exposed to daily pressures and stresses. This can lead to worries and anxiety relating to emotional issues, financial concerns, social and sexual issues.....

Addiction Treatment

Addictions can be used by a person to escape from or cope with their problems and suffering. These unhelpful coping strategies take many forms some of which are alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating and sex.....


“I now feel so calm and so good about myself and I’m now looking for new adventures in life...”

Associates, Friends & Partners

IACP/ Abate Counselling & EAP service/ LGBT Helpline/ Griffith Avenue Practice/ Headway: Acquired Brain Injury Service/ The Rise Foundation/ Healthy Living Centre DCU,  Dr. Hugh Gallagher, G.P, substance misuse specialist