Relationship Difficulties

Couples and relationships are exposed to daily pressures and stresses. This can lead to worries and anxiety relating to emotional issues, financial concerns, social and sexual issues that ultimately affect both partners in a relationship. Such external pressures can add to problems within the relationship such as frustrations, fears, doubts, sex & intimacy issues and unfaithfulness. In an effort to work through such difficulties couples will be encouraged to understand their own position and explore how both positions interact within the relationship.

What does couples counselling look like in practise?

Fundamentally a couple are two individual people who have joined together to form a relationship. Your therapists approach is to work with the couple to facilitate each individual within the couple to express their feelings, thoughts, and worries. The length of each session is 60 minutes. 

In couples sex therapy or psychosexual therapy the approach is slightly different. The first session is with the couple to identify and discuss what the problem is. The next step involves the therapist meeting each person separately, this is done to facilitate a full history taking of each person within the couple- resulting in a treatment plan designed specially to match the couple’s sexual problem. The next step involves regular sessions with the couple to explore how the therapy is progressing. 

Therapist Expertise

Your therapist has expertise in psychosexual or sex therapy- which deals with sexual dysfunction at individual and couple levels. It has evolved from the pioneering work of Masters & Johnson in the 1960s. Sex therapy aims to identify and understand the underlying causes of sexual problems, and to guide individuals and couples in developing techniques to overcome these difficulties. Issues that commonly arise include performance anxiety, erectile difficulties, intimacy issues, stress, loss of libido, past trauma, depression or problems in life or in a relationship