“When I first came to see RuthAnn, I was finding it difficult to leave the house due to panic attacks and I’d had to take time off in my job. I was able to trace back my panic attacks to a time when I was bullied at work. In the first counselling session we did the rewind technique and I started to feel better and after a few sessions, the panic attacks completely stopped. I now feel so calm and so good about myself and I’m now looking for new adventures in life.”


“We were recommended RuthAnn by our G.P. We were experiencing a lot of problems in our marriage and our sex life had basically stopped. Although we were both very nervous and embarrassed at talking about our sex life RuthAnn was so reassuring, sensitive and non-judgmental. The process was made so much easier by how RuthAnn created a safe environmentfor us to talk about our problems. We saw her for 14 sessions and saw huge benefits for our relationship. We now communicate much better and enjoy a healthy sex life”


“I knew I was drinking too much and it was affecting my job and my family. My self- esteem was at rock bottom but I knew I had to do something. RuthAnn was able to break things down into do-able pieces and helped me to set goals that were achievable. I haven’t had a drink now for 12 months. Her way of helping you see the positive things you have done and the progress you are making helped me to be less hard on myself. I have learned how to use healthy coping skills to manage life stresses."